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The 2030 Transportation Plan was adopted in 2009.  Since then, Douglas County has experienced rapid growth.  The 2040 Transportation Plan was recently adopted in October 2019 to replace the 2030 Transportation Plan. Projections anticipate a Douglas County population of 484,000 by 2040, as well as up to 220,000 jobs.  The development of an integrated multi-modal transportation plan is required to embrace the County’s natural amenities, as well as balance the diverse land use ranging from pastoral agricultural settings to faster-paced urban living.


County revenue is limited.  Future plans require a renewed focus on connectivity, exploring how to move people and goods reliably.  The County will allocate resources wisely, aligned with a countywide strategic plan, incorporating the community’s vision.


The 2017 citizen survey echoed the importance of transportation with strong support for improving transportation infrastructure throughout Douglas County, its municipalities and the state, including roads, bridges, highways, public transit, as well as walking and biking options.  The Douglas County 2040 Transportation Master Plan provides the opportunity to focus on the community’s vision for an improved, reliable, multi-modal transportation system.

Alternative Travel

Although the automobile remains the preferred method of travel, those who live, work and play in Douglas County seek improved alternative travel options such as transit, bicycle routes and pedestrian sidewalks.  The 2040 Transportation Master Plan addresses the diverse Douglas County community’s desire to improve connections between the rural and urban areas.