Google announced in July that it had begun applying its mobile speed update, which could downgrade sites on mobile search that load slowly.

Google says the update only impacts the slowest of sites and will “only affect a small percentage of queries.” However, a Searchmetrics study, conducted before the full rollout, noticed the search results appearing in Google positions one to five load significantly faster than those that run lower down, with nearly 32% loading within one second.

What’s more, Google admits “there is no tool that directly indicates whether a page is affected by this new ranking factor.” Therefore, small businesses without technical specialists may not even realize they have been bumped down, while larger competitors can use the speed update to their advantage.

For more information on the update, including recommended performance tools, go to https://dbhc.us/1f

Sources: Mediapost.com, June 29, 2018; Streetfightmag.com, July 10, 2018

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