Gen Z Is Ditching the Traditional Search Engine. Is Your Business Ready?

This week, I had one of those rare moments where my teenage son talked to me in more than mono-syllabic answers. We were talking about AI and school projects. While AI is a boon for anyone tasked with repetitive time sucks, it’s a nightmare for school administrators and educators. Kids everywhere (other than New York, [...]

Five Innovative Marketing Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales

Castle Rock hosts numerous festivals and large events throughout the year, drawing thousands of visitors to the city. Event attendees often research Castle Rock amenities before traveling, making it the perfect opportunity to put your business front and center in their minds before, during, and after the event. In today’s competitive market, small businesses [...]

Become an Addictive Brand

Does your morning begin post-coffee? If so, then you know the importance of that routine (and caffeine addiction). Your morning just isn’t the same without it. You can create the same addiction to your business. It just requires a more carefully created artifice or brand. Without the help of caffeine or other addictive substances, [...]

Beyond Likes & Follows: Finding the Ideal Social Media Superhero for Your Business

Social media is a Hulk-size time suck, but it is also one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. That’s also why it’s so dicey to freelance that kind of thing out. But there are a lot of really talented folks out there who can help you expand your reach and connect. [...]

Be Unforgettable: How Business Owners Can Standout at Networking Events

First, you’re probably thinking if everyone in the chamber (and beyond) reads this article and follows the advice here, no one will be unforgettable at networking events because we’ll all be following the same instructions. But in the words of the famous Dr. Seuss, “There is no one alive more youier than you,” so [...]

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3 Copywriting Tips That AI Doesn’t Use

I recently spoke with an SEO expert who swore that search engines are biased against AI-written websites (websites without one word written by a human). He said AI-written websites are something search engines are discounting for (marking you down) because of the possibility of the sites being fake or holder sites. I can’t speak [...]

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How AI is Revolutionizing Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Periodically, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gurus come out and tell everyone some <insert trending topic> is changing SEO forever. Add that to the nearly constant adjustments search engines make to their algorithms, and hitting the moving target of organic ranking success becomes as impossible as winning a giant stuffy at a carnival. Sure, [...]

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It’s Time for a Content Audit. No, Seriously.

I can already hear the groaning—nobody reads, nobody likes to write. While we can argue these points forever and ever, it’s probably been a while since you looked at your business’ website content. If your content is stale and doesn’t resonate with your target audience, you need to fix that stuff now—even if you [...]

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