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The Importance of Nutrition
Nutrition plays a role in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Eating right helps us feel better and gives us the energy to carry out our daily activities.

Learn more on the Tri County Health Department website:

Worksite Wellness

What is worksite wellness?
An organized initiative intended to to support the efforts of employees to reach optimal health.

Benefits for both employers and employees.

  • Healthier & happier employees
  • Higher morale & job satisfaction
  • Positive environment for staff & customers
  • Better customer service & productivity
  • Easier to recruit & retain talented, dedicated staff
  • Lower risk for developing chronic illnesses
  • Control healthcare costs for employees & employers

​Bringing worksite wellness benefits to you.
Watch the following 3-minute video to learn more about Tri-County’s worksite wellness grant initiative for local employers.