CRC Strong Total Resource Campaign

As a well respected pillar of the business community since 1955, the Castle Rock Chamber advocates on behalf of business.  For more than 67 years, through the support and teamwork of our members and our partners, the Chamber is able to continue to achieve our goals and ensure continued success.  Thank you for your support!

Campaign Goal-$225,000
New Members – Goal is 50

Team Captains

Alan McDaniel
Alan McDanielFarmer's Insurance

Team Members

Chris Sommers
Betty Graf
Angel Kelchen

Chamber Liaison:
Jason Piter

Kevin McHugh
Kevin McHugh

Team Members:

Kris Brader
Rebecca Dunn
Murray Johns
Abby Tardiff

Chamber Liaison:
Melissa Mares

Lisa Miles
Lisa MilesBURLY Brewing Company

Team Members

Chris Garlock
Andrew Lavarenz
Mary Anderson
Karissa Mueller

Tim Price
Tim PricePriceless LLC.

Team Members

Emilio & Sarah Valenciano
Joshua Henkels
Larry Higman
Lacey Ganzy

Joe Medina
Joe MedinaCastle Rock Autoplex

CEO Executives Team

Chamber Liaison:
Stacy Garmon

Rob Osborn
Rob OsbornCORE Electric Cooperative

CEO Executives Team

Chamber Liaison:
Stacy Garmon

CRC Strong Leadership Team

Bernard H. Greenberg
Bernard H. GreenbergCo-Chair
Kokish, Goldmanis, & Greenberg P.C.
Mark Heath
Mark Heath Co-Chair
President at Jerry / Park Street Storage
Stacy Garmon
Stacy GarmonPresident/CEO
Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

It is an annual fundraising campaign that is volunteer-led, staff-coordinated to secure resources necessary for membership goals and programs in the areas of professional development, education, networking and the work of selected committees for the next year. It is designed to package most of our products and services into one annual campaign, something many key Chamber supporters have indicated they want.

The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce offers many services, activities and programs to help improve a member’s ability to run a profitable business in Douglas County. The CRC Strong Campaign is designed to strengthen our financial resources so that we may continue to broaden the value and the effectiveness of our Chamber, in terms of value of membership, advocacy, and services/programs.

Without apology, this campaign is based on accessing your influence and relationships to secure financial resources for the Chamber. To that end, the volunteers do the selling. CRC Strong is directed by volunteer leaders with the staff doing the legwork and recruited volunteer teams actually doing the selling of the Chamber’s key strategic initiatives and programs.

The key goal is to have a well-funded chamber of commerce capable of positively influencing the economic well-being of the area and providing programs and services that members deem valuable.

Team Members:

  • Report to their respective Team Captain
  • Reach the team’s financial goal
  • Learn about the Chamber and its various funds and products.
  • Attend Team Training session.
  • Prospect and sell the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce products and memberships (to your existing network).
  • Work with members of your team to meet the team’s goal.
  • Attend campaign kickoff event, weekly update sessions and victory celebration.
  • Have fun while doing something good for the community!

In addition to the volunteer layout, there are incentives and rewards for volunteers.

Why Get Involved:

This is important and fun!  By getting involved with the CRC Strong Campaign you will be part of an annual campaign to make sure the Chamber is properly funded.

 Volunteers like you make it possible to raise the necessary funds to sustain current programs as well as create exciting new programs.

 During the campaign you will sell memberships, sponsorships, advertising, and budget reduction trades.  The product(s) you sell is up to you!

Value For You:

 More than 50 individuals will participate.  The campaign provides a great opportunity for…

  • Individual recognition
  • Company recognition
  • Cash incentives
  • A chance to earn a trip to Mexico, Caribbean area
  • Building relationship with new people
  • New skills
  • New contacts
  • A stronger Chamber of Commerce
  • The chance to influence big issues
  • Team building
  • Fun!

Campaign Rewards:

The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce will recognize all producers for their good work in the CRC Strong Campaign.

  • The CRC Strong Campaign  Website ( will list every volunteer and their production to date: team totals will be updated weekly, top producers of the week will be recognized.
  • Cash awards will be presented weekly at the update sessions.
  • Every volunteer will be invited to the Victory Celebration at the conclusion of the campaign.
  • Top producers will qualify for the Campaign Victory Trip in date/year.

Cash Incentives:

Three Campaign Incentive Schedules have been designed to reward volunteers. In addition to the cash incentives, volunteers can qualify for the Campaign Victory Trip to the Mexico, Caribbean Area in TBD.  Other prizes will be given away at the weekly update sessions.  Incentives will be presented as they are earned at the weekly update sessions.  Incentive schedules reward sales as follows:

· New Cash Sales-examples include new memberships, sponsorships, advertising and key strategic initiatives. All money must be collected to earn the incentive.

· Direct Budget Reduction Trades – for products and services included in the Chamber’s current year budget and for highly valued big-ticket items that were not budgeted because funds were not available (note:  trades do not count toward earning the victory trip).

Campaign Trip:

Top cash producers in the Chamber’s CRC Strong Campaign can qualify for the Campaign Trip.  Trip Location for the 2021 Campaign is Mexico, Caribbean Area!  The Campaign Victory Trip rewards successful volunteers.  Sponsorships will be used to fund the trip, including airfare, receptions and room accommodations.  Should a volunteer opt not to take the trip there will be no refund. Earned trips are non-transferable.  Children are not invited on the trip.  Volunteers must be an active member of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce in order to qualify for the victory trip and must be employed with the qualifying company at the time of the trip.

How to Win the Trip:

Each volunteer must accomplish the following to earn the trip.

  • Must sell a minimum of 3 new Chamber memberships.
  • Must sell a minimum of $7,700 in Chamber products for one person and $10,300 for two people to attend the trip.
  • All money MUST be collected, or a promissory note signed during the campaign to earn the trip.
  • If a volunteer exceeds $30,000 in revenue, the members quota (3 new members) will be waived.
  • The Victory trip will only be taken if Chamber meets or exceeds the financial goal and new member goal in the campaign

Below you will find individual sponsorship opportunities for each event.


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